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Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape ダイソン エアラップ ボリュームアンドシェイプ HS01 VNS FNダイソン Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape [HS01 VNS FN] ダイソン エアラップ ボリュームアンドシェイプ(ニッケル/フューシャ)

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  • Masaquiさん
  • Masaquiさん
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5 2020-12-30

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Lots of Fun
Along with the Supersonic hair dryer, this is one of our best buys of the year. This set does not give you the same attachments as the one listed in
The dryer attachment works but not as quickly as the supersonic dryer since it is a pre-styling dryer. The curlers are amazing. Make sure your hair is not too long, otherwise you can only curl the bottom part of your long hair, which is great as well. There's some learning curve to the curlers which I am ok with, given that it's no heat. Our boy had loads of fun curling my hair with the curlers. Of course, it looks a bit messy, but I told him he did a great job! He uses the comb and the dryer attachment everyday for his hair.
If you have a budget to buy either supersonic dryer or this airwrap styler, consider what you do to your hair everyday in the past year. If you do style your hair regularly, go with the airwrap. The pre-styling dryer can actually act as a hairdryer. It just takes longer time.

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